Animalistic Patio Pet Doors

Superior Quality

This type of Pet Door can be installed to most traditional sliding door openings, enabling the sliding door to be locked directly into the Pet Door panel. This ensures complete security whilst allowing your pet to come and go as they please.

This is a great solution for tenants who are renting, or for anyone that does not want to permanently modify or damage the property. Within minutes, this door can be easily removed from the inside of the door with minimal tools required.

Available in Small, Medium & Large Sizes

Colours Available: Black, White, Silver or Cream

Thank's to this door's adjustable top, it will fit nearly any sliding door application.

For any abnormally large openings, an extension piece can be purchased to suit.

This Pet Door features an aluminium frame, with 5mm thick safety glass.

Lock your pet inside or outside with ease, by sliding in the aluminium locking plate that comes as a standard feature.





Made from powdercoated high strength structural aluminium and 5mm thick safety glass (the same as your sliding door), the pet door will blend seamlessly with your sliding doors and offer an exceptionally high level of security.

Adjustable Height


The adjustable top gives a height range of 199cm up to 211cm to fit nearly all sliding doors. For unusually tall openings, you can add an extension piece to the panel to increase the height. The unique support bar system concealed in the frame enables extensions to be added on to the support bars to ensure security is not compromised.

Steel Locking Plate


Lock out unwanted intruders and contain your pet with the solid steel locking plate. This innovative "Pop N Lock" design enables the plate to slide through the integrated aluminium runners and lock in two different positions or be completely removed.

Animalistic Pet Products Sponsorship


"Animalistic Pet Products" are a corporate sponsor of the RSPCA. So whenever you purchase this branded product, you know that you will also be supporting the RSPCA.

Size Guide


Energy Saving Mohair


G & A Glass & Aluminium in Townsville are stockists of the only temporary pet doors in Townsville that are on the market that feature integrated mohair, seals the flap ensuring the ultimate protection from bugs and the weather. This coupled with the Neodymium Magnetic Flap Closure System makes this panel the most insulating and eco friendly panel available.