Invisi-Gard 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh

"I choose Invisi-Gard to protect my family and home. You should too!" - Danny Green. Boxing Champion

Invisi-Gard is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh and backed by a 15 year warranty. Using the unique, patented pressure retention and isolation method, you can rest assured that the stainless steel mesh will defy the most determined attack from both intruders and corrosion.

G & A Glass & Aluminium are Townsville's local Licenced Invisi-Gard Dealer. Manufacturing and installing a range of Invisi-Gard applications to suit any home or commercial property.

Including, but not limited to:

- Hinged Doors

- Sliding Doors

- Sliding Windows

- Patio Enclosures

- Emergency Escape Systems

All Invisi-Gard Doors come standard with a "Triple Lock" feature, also known as a "Three Point Locking System" for added security and peace of mind.

With Invisi-Gard products, choosing or matching the colour to existing door or window frames isn't a problem. A full range of powder coat colours along with anodised and timber-look wood grain finishes are readily available from G & A Glass & Aluminium.


Exceeds the Australian Standards...

Dynamic Impact Test

The patented EGP (Extreme Grip Protection) retention system allows Invisi-Gard Screens to absorb over 10 times the impact energy required by Australian Standards.

Jemmy Test

Invisi-Gard is tested to withstand jemmy attacks from levers, such as large screwdrivers, used to apply large amounts of torque to locks and hinges.

Knife Shear Test

Invisi-Gard successfully repels intruder attacks using utility knives or similar bladed tools used by a burglar seeking entry into your home.

Child Safety

Invisi-Gard window screens provide protection against children falling out of second floor windows.

Fire Attenuation

Provides protection to limit the potential for fire spread to occur between buildings via flames and/or radiant heat.

Corrosion Test

Invisi-Gard screens have been tested to withstand over 2000 hours of exposure in an accelerated corrosion test in a salt spray chamber without any signs of corrosion.

Energy Efficient

Fitting Invisi-Gard screens over the outside of your window can improve the energy efficiency of your window by up to 51%.

BAL Rated

Invisi-Gard is BAL rated to protect your home against bushfires in areas from BAL-LOW up to and including BAL-40.

Extra Strength for Extreme Weather

For protection against cyclonic debris and ultra security protection from intruders, Invisi-Maxx is the ideal solution.