Diamond Grille Security Screening


Affordability, Security & Peace of Mind

Diamond Grille Security Screening options include, but are not limited to:

- Hinged Doors

- Sliding Doors

- Fixed Windows

- Sliding Windows

- Other Window Styles

- Patio Screening

Good looking, low maintenance protection for your home!

G & A Glass & Aluminium Security Grilles are made from special Tempered Aluminium for greater strength and increased peace of mind. All Grilles have a 7mm strand thickness and meet the requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard AS5039.

Security Grilles are available in a variety of different colours to suit any home.

G & A Glass & Aluminium can install a "Triple Locking" system as an added extra to any Diamond Grille Security Door for added security to your home.

There are a variety of different Mesh's available at G & A Glass & Aluminium to suit any Diamond Grille Security Screening application. Including but not limited to "Pet Mesh" & "Fly Mesh" options.